Digital Story Writing with Prep and Year 5 Buddies

During this term the prep’s and their buddies have been working on stories together. They joined forces to plan a story together, with prep children helping with ideas for the stories, the drawings and writing on the story plans. This has been great re-inforcment of the learning that the prep children have been doing this term during Literacy, focusing on stories having beginning, middle and ends.

They have then worked together independently over a number of weeks to publish their stories in the Multi Media Centre using a great early years program ‘2 Create a Story’. This program allows children to add basic animation and sound effects to a story, or to record their voices to read the story out. Please click on the links below to enjoy the children’s work. More stories will be added when they are finished….

Can you leave a comment to say which is your favourite story and why?

ben ten story

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  1. Thanks for your comment Shaun, great to see you contributing to our blog and helping the prep children with their learning. Mr Ramage

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