Technology adding a purpose to writing and reading.

As this term has progressed the children in the class have really begun to see that their writing can have a wider audience than just the classroom teacher, such as their friends, their parents, other teachers and family members . The prep blog has played a large part in this, as has the visualiser camera which enables children to present their books and other work to the whole class on the Interactive Whiteboard. They have quickly seen how their work can be captured and then placed on the blog for others to share.

The session where the recordings are made are usually conducted in front of all the class. This gives a further opportunity to re-inforce many key elements of writing and reading. If the writing has not been presented well, then the child finds it difficult to read. If the writing does not make sense then the audience soon notices and if the reading is not clear and audible again the feedback about this is very instant.

We have talked with the children about the need for well presented and quality work to be published onto the blog and they certainly seem motivated to produce work that meets these high expectations.

We have had a burst of creative projects over the last few weeks and many of these have resulted in books presented on the visualiser.

I hope you enjoy listening to the writing and reading! We think they are doing an awesome job!

Which book is your favourite?

8 thoughts on “Technology adding a purpose to writing and reading.

  1. I have to say I have enjoyed listening to the information in each of the stories and seeing the way the children have created their books.
    I am sure that other people will also enjoy them as much as I have.
    I am also sure that there will be many proud Prep parents viewing this blog.

  2. Jayden, that is a nice drawing of a shark. from Ethan

    Dear Jayden, your book is good I enjoyed listening to your book. from Brooklyne.

    I like your book because the animals are awesome. From Maxton.

    Jayden, your drawings look good. From Blake.

  3. Damon, I loved your firetruck book. You did a great job, even cutting the pages to the shape of a truck. Good job.

  4. We really enjoyed listening to the stories about firemen and racing cars and the pictures were very creative

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