Talking Tin lids to support Instructional Writing.

Our prep children love the Talking Tin lids in our classroom. They are simple to use, portable and allow children to record, reflect and correct the message they are giving with their oral language and here if what they say makes sense.

There are so many ways to use the tin lids in any literacy activity. One of the ways in which the prep children have used them is to help structure  Instructional or Procedural writing. We often find that when children have conducted a lengthy Investigation they want to share the steps to take for their project if another child want to follow their learning. This gives an authentic reason for teaching the genre of instructional language and writing.

Or if they have invented a game then writing instuctions about how to play the game also gives  a real life context for the writing genre.

The  video and photo below demonstrates the use of the tin lids to help create an interactive classroom display to assist another student wanting to play a matching game that Maxton had made.

The example below speaks for itself and is an extension of work that we have previously posted about on our blog.

This is the finished writing produced through interactive partner writing assisted by one of our parent helpers.


11 thoughts on “Talking Tin lids to support Instructional Writing.

  1. I love watching how you are using the Talking Tin Lids to help with your writing, Preps!
    You have inspired 9 other schools in Geelong to get some Talking Tin Lids of their own so that their students can use them to help them learn in some of the ways that you are.
    Keep up the fabulous work and well done to your terrific teachers.

  2. Well done, Eowyn and Brooklyne! Not only are you learning how to write instructional language you are also learning how to listen to each other and work together. Thank you for showing me how you use the tin lids. I learn so much when I help in the classroom too!

  3. I can see why you all like the tin lids. They are a great way to remember what you need to do. I enjoyed watching the video clip where you showed what you were doing.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)

  4. Thanks for the feedback Ross, you are the first person outside of our direct school community to post a comment on our blog which is exciting. I will share it with the children tomorrow. How did you stumble across the blog? Mr Ramage

  5. Hi Ross, thankyou for looking at our blog and our talking tin lids video. We hope you look at our blog again sometime and send ua another comment. From Prep

  6. Thanks heaps Mr Ramage and Preps for sharing the great ideas about your classroom. I will share these with my friends who go to school in at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

  7. Thanks for your wonderful site James and Preps. Have a happy and healthy holiday. I look forward to continued contact next year.

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