Wallace and Gromit -A Grand Day Out


The students have been really enjoying watching the short animation film ‘A Grand Day Out’ to help build their reading skills of making predictions, comprehension and retelling a story. Many of the children had not seen the animation before and because the film has very little dialogue they really needed to concentrate on the pictures telling the story. This is one of the key reading strategies that we have been focusing on so that the students use all the information in the pictures to gain as much comprehension of a text before they begin to read.

We used a flip camera to record some of their predictions based on the title of the story about what they thought was going to happen. We think a couple of them might have seen this story before!

Wallace and Gromit -making predictions from Mr Ramage on Vimeo.

Building on this initial stimulus we are now using the film to explore the different settings of the story and the characters. The students have drawn and written about their favourite setting from the story. We think they have produced some really great pictures of the settings in the story and have used their writing skills to produce a short caption for their pictures. Awesome work Preps.


Have a watch of this clip from the film and discuss the setting and what has happened with your child. You could help your child to add  a comment to the blog. What is your favourite part of the film, which character do you like best and why?

8 thoughts on “Wallace and Gromit -A Grand Day Out

  1. I love checking the bogs to see the fantastic thinking and work that our Preps are all doing.
    I can see that there have been many interesting predictions. I also think that our Preps could write their very own interesting Wallace and Grommet stories. I wonder what adventures they would have?
    Happy learning

    Mrs Lynch

  2. Dear Mrs Lynch, that is a geat idea we would like to do that and we will put our stories on the blog. (Brooklyne on behalf of the prep)

  3. I love Wallace because he loves cheese as much as me!! Tell us who your favourite character is and why?

  4. I love cheese too…but my favorite character is Gromit because I think he has a great sense of humor from just his eyebrow movements. Mr Ramage

  5. I like the way you are thinking Eowyn…I like it when the oven starts skiing on the moon! Mr Ramage

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