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The preps have been very excited about their visit to Box World, and last week, we used their excitement and enthusiasm as a stimulus for their writing. We have tended to concentrate on recount writing about things we have already done, so writing about a future event was a good learning opportunity for our children. The children used their visual writing cards to remind them of their writing targets and they were all so happy with the writing that they produced. For children just half way through their first year at school, they are doing an awesome job.

The Preps had a wonderful time at the Box World exhibition at The Wool Museum in Geelong on Monday. They were able to observe the intricate details of over 900 buildings made out of boxes and re-used items from around the home. The children went on a building hunt around the Box City looking for familiar places such as Police Stations and Hospitals and then they were able to construct their own building out of boxes. The children were shown how to cover‘ their boxes to assist them with making it look more life-like. This is a skill that the Preps are looking forward to practising during Investigations time. The Preps were also taken on a tour around the Wool Museum where they learnt how rugs are made along with many other woollen items. (They were able to touch different types of wool including some which had come straight off a sheep‘s back!) They watched a sheep dog at work on a video and also got to see the house of a shearer. The Preps asked so many fantastic questions and were wonderful representatives of Grovedale West Primary School.
So what did the preps think of the experience…..

Box World was good because we got to make things (Blake)
I worked with Corey to make a really big sky scraper (Declan)
The sheep wool was soft and oily (Todd)
I made a footy ground with Todd by looking at the football ground in the Box World (Tynan)
There were lights on some of the buildings that had electricity (Ante)
There was a book that was about making boxes into fun things (Chloe)

Box World has given us some great ideas on how to make our own Grovedale Box World and maybe have our own exhibition in school (Mr Ramage)…so watch this space and as our project develops we will let you know about it on our Blog.

Please enjoy below some video of the trip too

Prep trip to Box World 2011 from Mr Ramage on Vimeo.

Why don’t you add a comment about Box World…what do you think about our idea to make a Grovedale Box world?

Would you like to help us make our box world, could you help the children to film and photo the local area? Are you good at building models?

17 thoughts on “Visit to box world

  1. Hi James
    This whole thing just blows me away! It is so wonderfully exciting for everyone – Preps, teachers, parents and wider community- to see what these little kids are capable of when we givevthem the tools and have high expectations of what they can achieve. Amazing!
    Well done

  2. I love this! I especially love all the rich oral language in every learning experience.

  3. Thanks for your comment Jane, I agree with you, the oral language element is so important and I think our talking tin lids, flip cameras and reflection time in Investigations are all reall helping the children develop these skills. Mr Ramage

  4. This is just brilliant – a great way to see the children in their everyday enviroment, and a great way to see things we would not normally see. Love it!

  5. Thanks Rachael, it’s lovely to get such positive feedback. Thanks for posting your comments. We are going to talk about the blog with the class this week and it will be great for the children to see that parents have left comments. Mr Ramage

  6. James, you’ve put this together beautifully! So many experiences and things to see captured in only a couple of minutes. Great work. The kids are clever aren’t they Gill!! It was a fun day 🙂

  7. Blake had a great time at Box world, its wonderful to see these photos and footage, this Blog is a great idea:-)

  8. It is fantastic to be able to watch the children learn and develop within their school community. Boxworld looks like it was lots of fun!!!!!

  9. Great to see the excitement on the childrens faces when they learnt something new about the display and in describing their own work.

  10. Eowyn is still talking about how much she loved visiting the Box World exhibition. The children will learn so much building a Grovedale box world; it sounds like a very exciting project!

  11. Thanks Jeana, yes I am really looking forward to starting the project next week on Monday. Thanks Mr Ramage

  12. The box world project is such a wonderful learning experience for the children, I am having so much fun helping the preps with their Grovedale box world, I can’t wait to see it all finished. Well done preps!!

  13. Thanks Melissa, it’s lovely to have parents who are able and willing to come into school and share the enthusiasm and learning with the children. I too am so excited about the children finishing the project, the photos we are collecting along the way will be great to see when it is all finished. Mr Ramage

  14. I think that the Preps have been very busy planning and working together to construct their box world.
    There are so many interesting buildings and streets and I really love the school building that has been constructed. I had fun today sitting in one of the streets today!
    I think that we have many budding architects and designers in our Prep class.
    It is wonderful to see so much enthusiasm for learning. …measuring, counting, researching, sharing, discussing, recording…….. whilst also having fun!

  15. Hi Preps
    Thank you for your invitation to visit your Box World exhibition. I am really looking forward to visiting tomorrow and seeing the finished project. I have followed the whole building process with great interest and excitement. You have all thought and worked very hard to complete it.
    Mrs Ovens

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